Coping with a Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

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Finding out your child has type 1 diabetes can be scary. See how six families coped with the diagnosis and learned to manage their kids’ diabetes.

0:18 Type 1 diabetes patient stories
1:30 Feeling overwhelmed after a Type 1 diagnosis
2:47 Going home after a Type 1 diagnosis
4:38 Adjusting to a Type 1 diagnosis

Whether your child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an infant, preschooler or teen, you can learn from experiences of these families that get their care at the Diabetes Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Parents give advice and helpful tips on how to keep your child’s blood sugar under control. They also share something just as important: optimism. Their children play sports, play musical instruments, go on sleepovers and participate in everyday activities — just like any other kid. The kids explain what they were feeling when they were diagnosed, how they adapted and how they’ve learned to live, and thrive, with diabetes. They have plans for school, college and beyond and aren’t letting diabetes get in their way.

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